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2018-09-08 16:00:29
What Is Required To Represent Yourself As A 'For Sale By Owner'

The FSBO must possess specific developed skills that will result in a successful completed transaction.  You have to have training, actual 'real time' experience working with Buyers.  You need to know where to obtain buyers ie.  yard sign, newspaper ads, internet...  You must know how to QUALIFY Buyers ie.  financing (what can they afford), the neighborhood (busing and school locations to name a few) that would be important to the Buyer in their everyday living, shopping, churches, government (city, county, state) facilities and do they need to be close to them, banks...any of these categories could be 'deal breakers' or 'deal makers'!!  

Sellers represent themselves in a For Sale By Owner situation and so do Buyers...each party is looking to deal in their best interest only!  Each party is usually very 'guarded' in the information that they exchange with one another.  In this situation, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to get TRUE and ACCURATE information that will ultimately determine whether or not the parties will or can get together for a successful transaction!  A majority of the time either party or both will unwittingly compromise their position as to PRICE, TERMS or other VARIABLE CONDITIONS, therefore, resulting in either one or both parties finding themselves at the short end of the stick.

When Buyers and Sellers first meet they are together on a path, hopefully moving forward to a successful transaction.  However, there are many BUMPS and GLITCHES along the way that could halt the transaction causing either party to seek legal representation.  

Taking into consideration the above factors it becomes readily apparent that you need a qualified, experienced (many years) and many closed transactions (hundreds/thousands) Real Estate Broker.  Earl Dolinar, Transaction Broker possesses over 40 years of real estate experience...2,000+ closed real estate transactions.



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